Welcome To Vimala Jewellery


Vimala Jewellery -one of the most imaginative showroom for jewellery products brings to uthiramerur & vandavasi an exclusive and wide range. If you are one of those who look for a creative collection and at the same time value for money is a concern, then look no further.

History of Vimala Jewellery


It was in 1903 that shri. Jethmul sowkar started money lending business in historical place uthiramerur. Uthiramerur kalvettu is famous in history. Shri jethmul sowkar is the man who climbed the ladder of success, step by step, by his own ability and hardwork. The time has proved that he can produce the best results in his money lending business.

Shri.shanthilal who also follows his fathers path. Shri.shanthilal who started vimala jewellery in uthiramerur. His sons manage jewellary business. They manitain the brand name. Through single-minded focus on customer satisfaction, vimala jewellery soon become a household name in its area.

Vimala jewelerry gaining renown for the purity of its ornaments, wide range of designs and consistent customer delight..

Vimala jewellery’s growing customer base made necessary the expansion of its outlet. So they decided to start in 2001 at vandavasi.

Shri.shanthilal’s guidence and support both vimala jewellery uthiramerur & vandavasi shops are gained bis hallmark & 916kdm,first shop in their respective areas. A sign approved for its quality and perfomance by government of india. The business has got improved and as a result.

When the choices get tough and you are looking for some help, our polite and helpful staff will assist and guide you to make the right decision. The key driver of our growth is the reliable and efficient service given to all our customer alike and we intend to offer better and more value added services to keep them coming back to us.

Vimala jewellery uthiramerur is today managed by shri.S.Nanda kishore & shri.S. Kamal kishore.

Vimala jewellery vandavasi is today managed by Shri.S.Bharathkumar & shri.S.lalith kumar.